Apostle G.S.Chukwuemeka is the International President of Global Dynamic Miracle and Deliverance Fellowship, Nigeria.The fellowship has branches in Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan and other countries.
Gold Sunday Chukwuemeka is a Professor of Christian Education and Pentecostal Studies. He is also a Social and Diplomatic Historian. He holds a PhD in History and International Studies, from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, PhD in Christian Education from Messiah Armies Seminary, Lagos, PhD in Biblical Studies from Dynamic Theological Seminary, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, (in Affiliation with Harvest Bible University, Los Angeles, California, United States), Master of Divinity from Crowther Theological Seminary, Abeokuta (in Affiliation with Ekiti State University), Master of Arts Degree in Pentecostal Studies, from Dynamic Theological Seminary, Port Harcourt, Nigeria (in Affiliation with Harvest Bible University, Los Angeles, California, United States), Master Degree in History and International Studies from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Post Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Theological Education from Dynamic Theological Seminary, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, (in Affiliation with Harvest Bible University, Los Angeles, California, United States), B.A in History and International Studies from Delta State University, Abraka and Diploma in Theology from Grace Theological Seminary, Anambra State.
G.S.Chukwuemeka is the Rector of Dynamic Theological Seminary, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and also a lecturer in the Department of History and International Studies , Edwin Clark University, Delta State, Nigeria.
In the course of his divine vocational nitty-gritty, he has served the Almighty God in these ministries viz: Living Word Gospel Mission, Grace of God Mission International, The Redeemed Christian Church of God and the Nigeria Police Force Protestant Chaplaincy.
His research interests and publications include Diplomacy, Church History, Chaplaincy, War and Peace Studies, Foreign Policy Analysis, Contemporary International History, International Security Issues, Christian Education, Deliverance, Healing, Faith, Marriage, Biblical Studies, Pentecostal Studies and Christian Theology etc.
G.S.Chukwuemeka is an anointed man of God, called with the mandate to proclaim the message of salvation, healing, deliverance, miracle, holiness and prosperity to the people of the world. His ministrations are characterized by prophetic utterance, raw miracles, deliverance and word depth. He ministers in Crusades, Conferences, Churches and Regimented Organisations. He is married with blessed children.

   These are the  books written by Gold Sunday Chukwuemeka.

1 10 Ways to Avoid Borrowing
2 12 Principles of A Working Marriage
3 23 Qualities of Men of Honour
4 24 Things That Living But Dead Church Members Do
5 40 Things Every Single Boy Needs to Know
6 40 Things Every Married Man Should Know
7 40 Things Every Married Woman Should Know
8 40 Things to Avoid as a Single Girl
9 43 Qualities of Women of Honour
10 Anointing For Divine Speed
11 Business Secrets and Techniques
12 Choosing a Life Partner
13 Christian Apologetics
14 Christian Theology
15 Christianity and Culture
16 Christians Handbook
17 Christology
18 Church and Politics
19 Church Diplomacy
20 Church Planting
21 Modern Computers
22 Computer World
23 Biblical Deliverance
24 Demonology
25 Easy to Understand English
26 Faith at Work
27 Firebrand Christian
28 God’s Approved Sex
29 God’s Capsule of Financial Prosperity and Success
30 God’s Test and Examination
31 Grace in Action
32 Hearing From God
33 How to Overcome Sinful Habit
34 Imperialism and Colonialism: The Problem of Africa
35 Important Things Every Pastor’s Wives Need to Know
36 Introduction to Greek Grammar
37 Introduction to Diplomacy
38 Introduction to Hebrew Grammar
39 Philosophy of Religion
40 Sociology of Religion
41 Jesus Christ Theology
42 Kingdom Dominion
43 Last Days and Injury Time Events
44 Leading With Result
45 Marriage Principles and Techniques
46 Microsoft Word and Corel Draw Techniques
47 Nigeria and China Relation Since I960
48 The Pastor and His Members
49 Pastoral Ethics
50 Positive and Negative Effects of World War 11 1939-1945
51 Praying With Expectation
52 Research Methods
53 Robbers in The House of God
54 Socio-Political History of Utagba-Uno in The 19th Century
55 Spiritual War
56 Spiritual Gifts
57 Spiritual Leprosy
58 Ten Steps of Receiving A Miracle
59 The Blessings Of God
60 The Benefits of Supporting Your Pastor
61 The Impacts of Cold War
62 The Power of Love
63 The Psychological Roles of a Chaplain
64 The Qualifications of a Chaplain
65 The Rights of God’s Kingdom Citizens
66 The Secrets of Greatness
67 Modern Evangelism
68 The Benefits of Forgiveness
69 The Blessings of Thanksgiving And Praise
70 The Call of God
72 The Enemies of Leaders
73 The Forbidden Fruits
74 The Foreign Policy of the United States
75 The Fruits of The Spirit
76 The History of Sudanese Crises 2003-2011
77 The Journey of Success
78 The Laws of The Kingdom
79 Fire Brand Pastor
80 The Ministry of Angels
81 The Miracle of The Mouth
82 The Mystery Behind offering
83 The Mystery of Baptism
84 The Positive Side of The Enemies Attack and Manipulations
85 The Power of The Holy Spirit
86 The Power of Decree
87 The Power of Holy Ghost Baptism
88 The Roles of a Chaplain
89 The Sacraments of The New Testament
90 The Secrets of First Class Students
91 The Secrets of Divine Healing
92 Types of Chaplaincy
93 War Against Poverty
94 War Against The Spirit of Lying
95 What Every Church Members Need to Know
96 Church Conflict: Causes And Effects
97 The 21st Century Church: Impacts And Challenges
98 Family Life
99 Methods of Online Ministry
100 Christian Education
101 Church Government

Many are yet to prepare for the life after death. Remember you will leave this world one day. But leaving the world is not the issue, but where you are going. If you are not sure of where you will spend eternity when you finished your assignment in this world. You need to accept the Lord Jesus Christ because he is the only one that has the key to eternal life.   If you have not been saved you can say this prayer: 

Lord Jesus come into my heart, I receive you as my personal Lord and Saviour, write my name in the Book of Life, remove my name from Book of Death. Thanks for answering my prayer
Since you have welcomed Jesus Christ into your life try to look for a Bible-believing church, to start worshipping God. But If you are led you can equally worship in any of our branches of GLOBAL DYNAMIC MIRACLE AND DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES or you can join our Global Christian Fellowship Zoom Services anywhere you are in the world. Meeting ID: 3760763926 Password: 1234. On Sunday is 3:00PM, Thursday is 7:00 PM ,West Africa Time. For prayers and counselling, Whatsap or call this number +2348039580583

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