DJAH is a multidisciplinary journal that  promotes  academic  excellence in theoretical researches and in the dissemination  of research report as a vital tool for learning particularly as it concerns Humanities and Arts. It welcomes and publishes well scholarly articles in Arts and Humanities: English, French, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Music,  French, Chinese, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, and Theatre Arts. The articles are subjected to  reviews and editing before they are accepted for publication. Articles slated  for publications are subjected to quality, originality, proper organisation and   must have passed plagiarism test.

 Publication   Guidelines   For   Contributors

l  Articles should be in Microsoft word using 12 font size ( Time New Romans) for the Theme and Sub-Themes.

2   The paper should be typed double-line-spacing and should   not exceed 15 pages in  A 4 size paper with the following settings:

Top  0”

Left   0”

Right  0 ”

Bottom  0”

 3  Page I contains the title of the articles and a running head of not more than 40 characters, including space. Page 2 should contain a short abstract of 100 to 250 words.

4  Contributors are advised to present  manuscript in line  with any of the following styles of referencing,  American Psychological Associations (APA), Modern Languages Association (MLA) or     Turabian  Style of Referencing  ( TSR)

5  Short quotations, (fewer than 40 words) should appear  in the body of the text with single quotation marks. Longer quotations should be indented and typed in single line  spacing without quotation marks.

6   Cover page of completed paper  should be  on a separate file. The contents should include the title of paper, author (s) name, academic affiliation, email address and phone number.

DIJAH is published twice a year in  February   and  August.  Papers received by   January  will be considered for the February   edition. Papers  received  by   July   will be considered for the August   edition.

8 All completed soft copies should be sent  to dynamictheologicalseminary@gmail.com.

9  Three hard copies should be sent  to Dynamic  Theological Seminary, (Affiliated to Harvest Bible University, USA)  Igwuruta-Alimini, Back of Is-real Hotel,  Port Harcourt, Rivers State or call this number +2348039580583. Contributors are free to send the money for the printing and binding to this account: Dynamic Theological Seminary LTD, Account Number: 4011436008,    Fidelity Bank, if such contributor is tightly engage. The school will assist is printing and binding the hardcopy.

10  A non-refundable plagiarism check  and plagiarism remover of  5000 naira is paid on submission to this account:  Account Name: Dynamic Theological Seminary LTD, Account Number: 4011436008,   Fidelity Bank.

11  Contributors are advised  to use  a particular English. If it is American, Canadian, Australia or British English always continue  with it.

 12   All vetted and corrected copies will be published.   

 13   Total publication fee  is  ₦20,000      

                                    BENEFITS OF   PUBLISHING IN   DIJAH

 1 Contributors within Nigeria will be given a copy of the publication, while  eBook Version  will be   sent to contributors outside Nigeria.

2 It is a Google Scholar Journal

3 Contributors papers are uploaded online after publication, at the  official website of the journal.


                     1   Prof. Orji, Eke  Kingdom    ( Editor in Chief)

                           Ignatius  Ajuru  University  of Education

                            Rumuolumeni,  Port Harcourt,  Rivers States

                    2           Prof. G.S.Chukwuemeka  ( Editor)

                              Dynamic  Theological   Seminary  (Port Harcourt)

                              Affiliated  to  Harvest Bible University, USA      

                     3   Prof.  Aguid   Joselito  ( Editorial  Secretary )

                              Occidental  Mindoro State University, 


                    4       Dr.  Michael Thomas Blessed  ( Editor)

                         Ignatius  Ajuru  University  of  Education

                           Rumuolumeni,  Port Harcourt,  Rivers States

                              EDITORIAL     CONSULTANTS

                       1         Prof.   Onwuka  Njoku, Fhsn.

                             University of  Nigeria,   Nsukka

                      2     Ven. Prof.  W.O.Wotogbe-Weneka

                               University of  Port Harcourt,  Rivers State

                      3        Prof. D.O.Chukwukwu 

                            Nnamdi  Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria

                      4     Dr. Kurt Tellers, Harvest Bible University,

                      Tallahassee Campus, United   States of America




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